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  • Heidi Cruz: ‘Ted Is an Immigrant’
    Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) wife Heidi Cruz, while campaigning in Greenfield, Indiana just days before the Hoosier state's primary, said her husband "is an immigrant."
  • Heidi Cruz: ‘Ted Is an Immigrant’
    Heidi Cruz said on the Indiana campaign trail Saturday that her husband Ted Cruz “is an immigrant.” “Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic,” Heidi Cruz said of her Texas senator husband, an American citizen who renounced his Canadian citizenship though he was born north of the border. “He can unify this party.” “We have […]
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  • Growth Anemia: Blame a Collapse in Business Investment
    GDP for the first quarter of 2016 came in at a paltry 0.5 percent. That sorry showing follows growth of 1.4 percent and 2 percent in the previous two quarters. If such a thing is possible, the already-anemic economy is actually getting worse. But even worse than that, the latest GDP numbers reveal a collapse […]
  • It's Time to Take Action Against Lyme Disease
    Lyme disease—a tick-borne illness that can cause debilitating pain, weakness, and fatigue—has long become a painful reality for too many Americans, including in states like Connecticut and New Hampshire. While the disease is still heavily concentrated in the Northeast, it has aggressively spread throughout the mid-Atlantic and Midwest as well. In addition to Lyme disease, […]
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