Obamacare Regulator Kathleen Sebelius Resigns Her Post Head of HHS

Obamacare Regulator Kathleen Sebelius Resigns Her Post Head of HHS

President Obama has accepted the resignation of  Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, arguably the most powerful woman in the United States in her role as Obamacare regulator. In the 2400 page Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) commonly known as Obamacare the Secretary Sebelius is assigned decision making power over the healthcare choices of American Citizens hundreds of times. It is suggested that President Obama will nominate Office of Management and Budget Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell as Secretary Sebelius’ replacement.  Read More here…

%Southern MusterObamacare Regulator Kathleen Sebelius Resigns Her Post Head of HHS

Rep Gohmert vs AG Eric Holder of The Injustice Department

Congressman Gohmert vs Attorney General Eric Holder of The Injustice Department

After seeing the exchange between Congressman Louis Gohmert and Attorney General Eric Holder, maybe AG Holder should be referred to as Attorney General J. Edgar Holder in that he seems to have, mimicking the trickery of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pass Obamacare, “deemed” himself above the Law. The current US Justice department is little more than a shake down (see IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups), extortion (see BP) and selective Justice (see New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation) wing of the out of control Federal Government under the “Leadership” of the Obama Administration. He obviously has chosen to skirt all of Congressman Gohmert’s questions with the fail-safe “I will not respond on ongoing investigations” ploy.

Congressman Gohmert after interview with Fox

The Gohmert Holder exchange brings to light just one of the many abuse of power issues ongoing in our country. It is time to define a course of action. From quid pro quo paybacks to contributors, covert investigations of American Citizens to taking of private property to save a turtle as in the current instance of rancher Cliven Bundy to Obamacare and NSA spying on American citizens, this has to end. They work for us and we must reclaim that authority of our government.

Here’s a prediction; Congressman Louis Gohmert will find himself under investigation by multiple agencies of the Federal Government within the next 24 months, including the Department of Injustice..

Will Congressman Gohmert fall prey to the Obama Administration Gestapos? What do you think?

%Southern MusterRep Gohmert vs AG Eric Holder of The Injustice DepartmentAre you ready for the inevitable upheaval of the US economy? Whether from the impact of any one of hundreds of short fuses burning in America’s Heartland or from The Federal Reserve’s ending the Quantitative Easing program that is holding the stock market up, hard times are coming. Consider preparing for your family – Download these free preparation documents from The Ready Store

%Southern MusterRep Gohmert vs AG Eric Holder of The Injustice Department%Southern MusterRep Gohmert vs AG Eric Holder of The Injustice Department

Thank You to All Veterans!

These guys just played the National Anthem Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Nationwide NASCAR race in Daytona. It’s worth posting again. Hope you like.

Thank You to All Veterans!

This is a short post to say Thank You to All of the Veterans who have served and are serving. You may well be one of only a few of the assets and institutions of the United States not currently in decline.

These guys just played the National Anthem Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Nationwide NASCAR race in Daytona. It’s worth posting again. Hope you like.

This video is by a group I have been watching for a while and the lead singer is a Veteran.

Listen Madison Rising sing The Star Spangled Banner


%Southern MusterThank You to All Veterans!

Nullification of Obamacare in SC

Nullification of Obamacare in SC

The great Walter E. Williams will be addressing the Senate subcommittee in Columbia, SC on Wednesday March 20,2013 regarding the Nullification of Obamacare in SC. Below is a video of Dr. Williams speaking of Nullification in another venue. Below the video is the notification from the Spartanburg Tea Party website with the details of the meeting. You can get more detailed information at their website here.

%Southern MusterNullification of Obamacare in SC
The following information is from the Spartanburg Tea Party. You can get more detailed information at their website here. Please look this over and contact everyone you can to both be present for the meeting if possible or at least contact the Senators and Representatives on the list to demand a vote of the Full Senate on Nullification of Obamacare.

South Carolina National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Nullification Act of 2013, S.92, needs your support

The South Carolina National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Nullification Act of 2013, S.92, needs your support for full passage. S.92 has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee, where the chairman, Sen. Larry A. Martin has referred it to subcommittee. A recent vote to “hold the bill over” is preventing it from getting a full Senate vote.
If you support due process and oppose the power to “indefinitely detain” in South Carolina, you can help get this bill moving forward. Please follow the action steps below right now.

1. Contact Senators who voted to stall the bill. Strongly, but respectfully, demand that they allow the full Senate to debate and vote on the bill – and pass S.92 out of committee.

Thurmond (803) 212-6172
Young (803) 212-6124
Rankin (803) 212-6410
Hutto (803) 212-6140
Malloy (803) 212-6172
Sheehan (803) 212-6032
Coleman (803) 212-6032
Scott (803) 212-6048
Massey (803) 212-6024
Nicholson (803) 212-6000
Gregory (803) 212-6024
Allen (803) 212-6040
Hembree (803) 212-6016
Bennett (803) 212-6116
Johnson (803) 212-6108
McElveen (803) 212-6132


2. Contact those who voted YES and urge them to hold strong. Thank them for the proper vote.


contact info here – http://www.scstatehouse.gov/member.php?chamber=S

3. SHARE THIS INFORMATION WIDELY – pass this information along to as many people as possible.

4. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT. Call as often as you’re able to – even daily, to find out status updates and to pressure them into a hearing and a YES vote.

You can get more detailed information regarding Nullification at Spartanburg Tea Party’s website here.

%Southern MusterNullification of Obamacare in SC



%Southern MusterNullification of Obamacare in SC

Dr. Ben Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

Dr. Ben Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

I realize the redundancy of this post but I believe Dr. Carson‘s speech is so important that every Conservative website should keep it available permanently in hope all American’s will eventually watch it. The traditional media has paid no attention to this speech for reasons that will become obvious after watching the video. Dr. Carson‘s speech was given at the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama sitting two seats away from the podium. Here is that speech,

Dr. Carson has said in subsequent media interviews that Obama Administration asked him on more than one occasion for a copy of his speech so they could “Approve” it. He declined and finally told them that he did not prepare outlines for his speeches but instead spoke unscripted based upon his own convictions and beliefs at such events. He did say however, that he gave him the Scripture verses upon which his remarks would be based.

Consider, Dr. Carson presented his Concise, Accurate, Truthful and Biblically based remarks with no teleprompter and was spot on” and his comments have created a Conservative frenzy of total agreement! Obviously Dr. Carson’s remarks came from deep conviction to flow so coherently. Do you think we will ever see such honesty from President Obama?

%Southern MusterDr. Ben Carsons National Prayer Breakfast Speech

When Is It Time To Kick Your Spouse Out Of Your House?

When Would You Kick Your Spouse Out Of Your House?

All across the US stories are emerging in increasing frequency of one of the spouses in a marriage snapping, becoming violent, irrational and maliciously evil. Next, one spouse or the other does something rash that result in irreversible and irreparable damage, all because the nurturing spouse did not take action soon enough by getting their partner help or by removing them from the home and property permanently.

When enough of the signs become apparent, act; don’t continue to endure under the false hope of a better day and complete reversal of true nature. Kick your spouse out of your house. The breakup or complete unnecessary destruction is inevitable.

Consider the case of, let’s call them George and Nancy to protect their identities. George is in his late 50′s and a Vietnam veteran who, like so many young men left for war immediately after high school and returned from war physically whole but mentally very damaged. George had been raised in a devoted God fearing home. Fortunately for George he came from great stock and his parents, his father a WWII vet himself, helped him to get plenty of great professional and spiritual help when he returned from Nam.

George, after a couple of years of getting his head fixed proceeded to get involved in real estate, gobbling up all of the educational material he could get his hands on and studying the successful real estate power brokers in the industry so he could learn from and emulate them. George devoted all of his effort to building what became a modest to large and highly successful real estate and construction business. He was also still a single and eligible bachelor during his many years of building his business.

George owned outright a large and very nice home on the eastern coast, a great many acres of land both on beautiful beaches and scenic mountain ranges, vehicles and he leads a fleet of highly qualified and very well paid employees. He gave large sums of money to charity and military causes hoping to help as many returning Vets as he could. He was all too familiar with what they faced upon return to civilian life in the USA. By all measure George was a very successful entrepreneur.

While dining with some friends at a local restaurant, George noticed the Maitre d’ giving him more than a couple of extended looks. She was a very attractive young woman appearing to be couple of years younger than George. George’s friends noticed as well and encouraged George to speak with the young lady since, as they chanted, “George, you need a good woman and you’re not getting any younger.” George took the advice and ended up asking Nancy, the Maitre d’ out for a date.

The first date went well and the dating continued for about a year. George and Nancy became a “couple”. Nancy was a surprisingly well spoken and diversely experienced lady of modest means for someone who had always lived in the same small town and had attended the local junior college without ever graduating. They spent a great deal of time telling each other about their early life except that George never discussed his time in Vietnam.

George was completely smitten by Nancy and it seemed the feeling was mutual. One thing led to another and George and Nancy became husband and wife about a year and a half after their first meeting. Life was bliss for George and Nancy for the first year of their marriage and they were blessed with two beautiful and healthy little girls. Even before their first child was born Nancy made what George expected to be a difficult adjustment from being of modest means to sharing in George’s vast fortunes. George made all he owned available to her without condition.

Life was good! Then, like an unexpected house guest something changed.

Around the time George and Nancy first married the national economy began to show early signs of trouble. As the next five years progressed predictably the economy progressively became worse and George was required to spend a great deal more time and effort in realigning his holdings and struggling to keep the business profitable just like other business owners across the nation. Needless to say he was not as attentive to Nancy and the kids as he wished he could be.

During the five years of difficult economic times Nancy’s behavior was changing as well and not for the better. She seemed to always be distant, even angry when she was around George and the girls. Even with full knowledge that George was under significant pressure due to the economic conditions, she became increasingly selfish and demanding of George’s attention, time and actions. Often her actions appeared to be laced with the ultimate goal of punishing George for some unknown reason. She seemed on a mission to rule the family and all of its activity through demands and verbal punishment for non-submission. The times George questioned what was wrong or why this or that happened Nancy always blamed someone or some other event for her actions. George dismissed her behavior rationalizing that she has her own stresses dealing with the two young children.

George struggled daily to try to be understanding with Nancy, often to the point of blaming himself to vindicate her actions. She became reluctant to associate with any of George’s family, friends and associates including missing important husband / wife business dinners and outings with George’s family. Nancy only wanted to be around her friends from prior to the marriage, some of whom George had met but most he not only had not meet but knew nothing about. It was as if Nancy had carved out a separate life outside the marriage and was trying to be two different people.

Maybe the most difficult development in Nancy’s emerging behavior was the lies. Before they married Nancy told George about her family and her early life. In their first years as husband and wife much of what Nancy had said about her family turned out to be far different from what Nancy previously told him. In fact the difference was substantial. There were criminal and militant threads all through the reality of her family. George dismissed this to his possibly not paying enough attention during their courtship.

Now, with almost every conversation George detected some falsehood or embellishment. At first they were innocent and seemingly minor, simple for George to ignore. Then the lies began to migrate into more important areas such as the girl’s preschool and other activities. As time marched on, these embellishments became more life impacting and damaging, seemingly with malicious intent. They soon were blatant lies and deceptions and George struggled harder daily to overlook or explain away Nancy’s actions.

Not long after they were married George set up a well funded foundation for the purpose of owning and operating a very large beautiful park on the top of a scenic Blue Ridge Mountain location. It was equipped with facilities and memorials specifically dedicated to veterans. The park was open to all but catered especially to current and retired military personnel. He made Nancy and his veteran father the co-chairmen of the foundation to manage as they determined best. All went great for a year or so but now Nancy was shirking her responsibility to assist in the park’s operation leaving the entire burden on George’s aging father. Nancy was too busy with her friends to participate. She fabricated falsehoods about why and where she was when she missed important events and failed to execute her responsibilities to the foundation.

For the last year or two Nancy did not hesitate to spend excessively to purchase all sorts of things, some on the strangest of whims for items that quickly made it to the attic storage as the newness evaporated. Other purchases were items she gave to her set of private friends. All of this spending was done when Nancy was off with her group of friends. Maybe she was trying to impress them, George wondered?

Eventually the spending became not only excessive in number of items but the purchases became larger and larger. At first George beamed with pride that he was fortunate enough to make the resources available for Nancy to have whatever she wanted. After a while it became annoying because Nancy mostly purchased junk in Georges mind, but he held his tongue as he had the wealth and needed to keep his attention on his business.

This never before seen side of Nancy was tearing George and the family apart. The two very young girls showed apprehension, maybe even fear in their eyes every time Nancy erupted. George had no idea what to do or how to handle this predicament. Nancy was always angry at George for the smallest of reasons. On top of his home distress, his business was still requiring much attention to weather the current and still deteriorating economic climate.

George, his immediate and extended family and his business was being torn apart and it all seemed to be originating from the same source.

When Nancy’s spontaneous purchases extended to land and homes George had to object. She independently purchased another vacation home and some open range land without even consulting George. After all, that is what George’s business does. He has a fleet of appraisers and due diligence employees who evaluate every deal before he purchases land or homes. How could he possibly appreciate Nancy freewheel purchasing this kind of asset without even consulting him? When he spoke with Nancy about this she blew a gasket. She became visually angry and again verbally abusive. George finally left to go to his office and let this matter cool a bit while he collected his thoughts as to how to handle the situation.

When George returned home from his office he found a succinct note from Nancy simply stating she went to one of the vacation homes for a while. There was no specific comment if she had the girls with her or when she would return.

George called Nancy’s cell phone hoping to begin a discussion in his attempt to resolve their issues and find peace for the family. Nancy did answer but had no interest in doing anything but yelling at George. When George asked to speak to the girls, Nancy told him she did not have them. They are staying with Nancy’s brother and his girlfriend. This is the brother who has had much trouble with the law and is an active protester against the “evils of big business.” He has even protested in front of George’s business before.

When George protested and asked Nancy why she did not leave the girls with his parents like they had agreed to do in the past, Nancy made it clear she did not want the girls around his parents. She told George that she had told his mother she did not want the kids to be around them over a year ago. George had no idea that happened but now he understood why his parents have been distant for the last year or so. Nancy also told George that she had shut down the veteran park a month earlier because she got tired of dealing with the headache of it.

At this point George lost his temper, something he had not done since right after his return from Vietnam. He hung up the phone before he said something he could never repair. George needed time to determine what he is going to do because this can continue no more, not even another day.

And now in the words of the late great Paul Harvey, “The Rest of the Story”,

Understanding that the male / female roles in this story are not important because the story is very often reversed, the question for anyone reading this article is,

“At what point in this story would you have taken action and kicked this spouse out of the home You own”?

When is enough, enough? What action do you take and when?


Once you answer the question, read the story again and consider the following:

A) George represents every American Citizen; You. You own this country lock, stock and barrel. You own every federally managed park, monument, mountain, river, lake and beach. Most importantly many of your ancestors fought and died for you to have the opportunity to own this land and the Elite Military you now employ fights and dies every day to protect you right to keep it. You choose and employ the politicians from the President on down and the work force to administer the country’s every function. Every one of them whether you voted for them or not work for you.

B) Nancy represents President Obama who was only known through a very short courtship before marriage about five years ago. Little to nothing is known about his family and background as it has all been sealed for years.

While there have been many blatant lies and deliberately misleading statements from President Obama and his administration,  just in the last three weeks we have witnessed premeditated actions to deceive and inflict the maximum pain on you. A short list of some examples is:

(Note that the punishment intended for you is always cowardly inflicted upon the weak, the elderly and those pledged to not retaliate such as our soldiers) 

  • You are being told that without increasing the President’s borrowing authority you cannot pay your country’s debt even though current law requires that interest on national debt be paid from current tax receipts before any other payments. Interest on your Country’s debt is approximately 18 billion dollars and current tax receipts are approximately 220 billion dollars, over 12 times what is needed monthly to avoid any possible threat of default.
  • While the Government is operating at only about 85% of fully functional (referred by the administration as “Government Shutdown”) additional money has been spent to close the WWII Veterans Memorial and effort has been made to stop Veterans from visiting the memorial. This memorial is in the wide open spaces and normally publicly available without any paid assistance. Compare this to closing the street sidewalk in front of your home.
  • The same is true for the Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Independence Hall, Alcatraz Island, Washington Monument, National Zoo, the Smithsonian, the roadway leading toward Mt Rushmore, the parking areas of many privately owned historical landmarks, most Civil War Battleground memorials that are never attended even when open and some privately owned homes on leased federally managed land. This is all YOUR Property and its closing or restricted access is purposely to cause maximum pain on YOU!
  • Soldiers you employ serving in war zones in Afghanistan and other countries are not allowed to see most private television channels such as sports channels during their limited down time. This President has repeatedly punished the military to inflict pain on you during his five year stint in office.
  • The Obama administration has ordered the shutdown of all commissaries on military bases but kept open the golf courses on those bases where he plays frequently. Primary henchmen scattered all through the Obama administration have been explicitly instructed to make this phoney shutdown as painful as possible on “You” by punishing those you love and cherish.
  • All National Parks are closed. Now I want to drive this point home; “You” are being told that “You” are incapable of walking, hiking, camping or even bird watching in the open woods “You” own without President Obama’s permission.
    %Southern MusterWhen Is It Time To Kick Your Spouse Out Of Your House?

During President Obama’s approximately 5 year tenure in Your house, he has made many erroneous or deceptive promises like,

  • He will not allow any lobbyists in his administration. His administration is flush with them.
  • His would be the most transparent administration in history. The precise opposite is true to the point that even the liberal press is regularly complaining. Consider the hidden and redacted documents and personnel involved in Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun running operation, the assassination of the US personnel in Benghazi while President played cards yet posed for a photo afterward to make you think he was present, the justice department repeatedly suing various states yet not prosecuting known voter violations such as the Black Panther incident and this list goes on for volumes.
  • With the Affordable Care Act (i.e. ObamaCare) you can keep your policy, your doctor and cost will go down for the average family by $2,400 per year. In fact the average cost will increase by approximately $7,500 per year; you may not be able to keep your doctor or policy.
  • He would lower the unemployment rate below 7% when in fact ObamaCare is causing thousands of employers to reduce employee work hours to less than 30 hours and the Obama administration still counts that as a job in its calculation of the unemployment rate.
  • He said if he did not lower the deficit in his first four years he would not run again. In fact he has increased the deficit substantially. He made many economic promises but the bottom line is he has increased the indebtedness of the US more that it increased in the first 224 years of the Country’s existence.

This list could go on and on but the complete five years of lies and deceptions can be dealt with in further articles. The point is we have Nancy in the White House and he is doing his deliberate best to ruin your country, control your life and punish all who dare to disagree by punishing the weak, elderly and those pledged to not retaliate such as our soldiers.

Sooner or later we, you have to make an important decision if your country is to survive,

“When Will You Kick Nancy Out Of Your House?”

Dick Gibbons





Should the Company Shareholders Fire Me?

“If you were a Company Shareholder,

Would you Fire Me?”

My company shareholders want to fire me! Can you believe that? Please let me know if you think I should be fired. Here is the situation,

I am the senior executive for a very large international company that sells to and operates in virtually every country on the globe, even the hostile ones. I answer directly to the shareholding owners of the company, albeit through a very large board of elected company shareholders. Each of the board members also own minor but equal shares of stock in the company. No one person has controlling interest in the company.

While I don’t know much less understand all of the reasons they want to fire me, here are some of the situations I have heard mentioned through the rumor mill.

When I assumed the helm of the Company, this ship was sinking. The last Executive did a pretty decent job early in his tenure and even steered the company through a crisis that might have been catastrophic without strong leadership. However, in his final couple of years, he failed pretty badly and the company was beginning to have massive layoffs before I even took over. The layoffs came because the value of the company stock plummeted due to the impact of some lingering ill-conceived company loans reaching maturity. It seemed like an almost impossible task to turn it around. That’s why the company’s shareholders hired me.

The first thing I did, after putting some of my best henchmen in key positions was to secure a major influx of cash through a loan arrangement backed by the shareholders. I wanted a much larger loan amount but this was all the shareholders would sign off on. We immediately started hiring our workers back. In fact, we have hired almost 25% more than we had before the laid off but the company income has not yet shown significant signs of increase. I keep telling the board it takes time to fix the last Executive’s mess.

One primary reason the income has not risen is because most of our regular suppliers had already suffered beyond their recovery ability when the company first faltered. They were not in a position to acquire similar loans for their operations and many will go or have gone out of business. It looks like other major suppliers will not be able to gear back up unless we loan them the money, which I have done in a few select cases primarily to grease the union bosses’ palms for incentive. The shareholders not agreeing to the amount I initially wanted has definitely been the reason for the continued decline in income.

It became apparent shortly after I arrived that the workforce had a rather dim view of management and the attitude was affecting production. Many of the departments of the company were infected with fraud and prone to massive wasteful spending on trips, conventions and stupid programs. To try to enhance production I mandated wholesale improvements to the worker’s benefits programs, but I did not go so far as handing out unconstrained wage increases.

Unfortunately, some of my staff did not brief me very well as to the cost and impact of these benefits. They are twice the cost that I was told and do not deliver the perks to some large groups of workers. I was forced to give exceptions and exemptions to numerous groups. Now the shareholders are up in arms about the cost. I didn’t hire this staff. They were left over from the last executive. The shareholders should blame him, not me.

We had an incident at one of our more hostile overseas operations that I had not had time to become fully acquainted with. The incident involved the death of several and injury of a larger number of workers. We hire security contractors at all of our hostile region operations but apparently some corporate bean counter left over from the last executive’s tenure cut their budget and some of our operations were left unprotected.

All of this happened as I was embarking on a long overdue vacation. I need to have my time too, so I left what I thought was capable staff in charge. Now the shareholders are upset that I was not present to personally handle the accident recovery and investigation. Unfortunately, the staff again did a very poor job and now I have to be very careful what information is made available to those outside of my personal circle. It would seem there are some over-zealous shareholders who want to blame me for everything. For some reason, they seem to erroneously think I was in some way negligent. These workers knew the risk. All of our workers know the risk. What do they expect me to do? Besides that, ‘What difference does it make now? The incident is over.”

At present, I have only been able to get the company income up a few percentage points almost exclusively by company wide reduction of dividends and benefits to the entire body of shareholders. Now they have a problem with that! They don’t seem to be capable of seeing the long-term future as I do. I know better than anyone what it is going to take to make this company function equitably for everyone. One might think they would realize that everyone has to sacrifice to get this ship turned around. The last executive left me a huge mess to clean up and slow but steady progress is being made. Why don’t they see it?

I did have to go back to the well so to speak and obtain larger loans to infuse more cash in the company, but this time I did not make the shareholders back up the debt. You would think they would be pleased with that. But no, not a single word of thanks.

I was able to secure some super sized loans by allowing encumbrance on a large portion of the company’s future earnings. Unfortunately, the credit rating “Gurus” lowered our credit rating a notch so I had to agree to a higher interest rate on the loans. I should have plenty of time to satisfy the loans before they come due against our future earnings if the shareholders will get off my back and let me just do what I already know is best for the company. They just don’t seem to understand what it takes to move a company forward.

Then the latest complaint is that I invested a large portion of the latest round of loans in twelve or thirteen experimental start-up product companies. Most of them did not make it and have declared bankruptcy, but how was I to know that they would go under? The staff was supposed to check them out thoroughly. If we don’t invest in future products, how will we face the future with new products? I still think the risk was worth it.

It has been a tough four years since I took the helm of this company. Sometimes I think I am the only one who can see where I am taking us. I just think sometimes I just have to force these shareholders in the direction that I know is the right course of action, even if some get hurt. Personally, I think I have done rather well, given what the last bad Executive left for me to clean up.

I don’t think the company shareholders have reason to fire me.

Do You?

%Southern MusterShould the Company Shareholders Fire Me?

%Southern MusterShould the Company Shareholders Fire Me?

OOPS! I failed to mention a few things that may be important:

  • The first loan came to be known as Stimulus Package
  • The Company is The United States
  • The workers died and suffered injury in Benghazi
  • The earliest supplier loan was GM
  • The latter 12 or 13 loans were solar companies now defunct
  • The future earnings are our children’s children’s debt burden
  • I assume the point is made.

If you do think I should be fired, then join other Patriotic Shareholders to demand removal of this President before he destroys our country.

%Southern MusterShould the Company Shareholders Fire Me?


Tea Party MIA? … Not A Chance Boys and Girls!

Tea Party MIA? … Not A Chance Boys and Girls!

%Southern MusterTea Party MIA? ... Not A Chance Boys and Girls!I keep reading and hearing that the Tea Party has lost its influence, or the Tea Party is at the point where they have to make a choice. They must either rise again to become visible and outspoken in current events and the GOP primary process or they will dissipate into the next decade’s eighth grade’s history books.

If most of the purveyors of these habitually wishful thoughts had their way they would volunteer to help write the history books covering the Tea Party’s rise or demise; each political flavor being deeply rooted in desires for a specific outcome. But they, both left and right have never had any real understanding of, “Who is the Tea Party?”

In fact, pundits and the current administration spend a great deal time and money trying to associate the Tea Party to whatever group best suits their political needs. Or conversely attempt to associate groups distasteful to their quest to the Tea Party; case in point Occupy Wall Street after it went vile or Jared Loughner.

Because the visible Tea Party groups are all independent but tend to unite as they rally around a common set of principles, even many of the members of the individual groups do not know exactly who comprises the whole unit functioning as “tea party”.

Part of the problem in determining who makes up the Tea Party is the expectation that it can be identified using existing groups of people mostly on the basis of association with other groups of people or organizations. That is to say that because the Tea Party outwardly supports this idea or that idea (you pick the example) then they must have links to the originator of the idea. These prognosticators could be correct with regard to the specific idea being promoted but no single association can identify the elusive Tea Party.

I have a pretty good idea who the Tea Party is, but even my identification and description will be somewhat lacking in that the Tea Party is so organic that it grows and retracts daily in a way mysterious to most who want to categorize them anyway.

So who is this The Tea Party?

The best way to begin is to remember the story of Francis Marion, the notorious Swamp Fox and one of many hero’s’ of the Revolutionary war against the British.

Without preference to either the recorded truth, the generational lore or the current day revisionists who wish to discredit hero’s of the day with the lens of today’s standards, most will agree that the primary attribute of General Francis Marion was his acumen for unconventional warfare, bravery and patriotism. He knew well the fighting tactics of his enemy, did not engage the enemy on their terms and he fought to win!

The British as well as most of Washington’s Continental Army lined up across a field and marched toward each other shooting while hoping the opponent was a poor shot. Whoever had the most men standing at the end of the shooting would likely win the sword and knife fight yet to ensue, thus won the battle.

General Marion liked his chances of success better when he used what we now call guerrilla tactics. To him it was like hunting wild game in the woods and swamps. He studied his enemy then came upon them when he deemed the timing to be favorable. He could better control the outcome when he set the rules of engagement.

The point is that General Marion did not allow his cause to be defeated by engaging in his enemy’s predictable and relentless tactics. The Tea Party is well aware of the tactics of and shenanigans played by both political parties and have chosen not to be drawn into their line of fire needlessly. Yet!

Who are the individuals that comprise the overall Tea Party?

They are a growing group of American citizens who are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and No Affiliation only in terms of the door they enter on voting day. They are all Patriots first and foremost before any party affiliation.

Many of them are the same group who became completely distrustful of government after the Kennedy assassination. They watched with displeasure at Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War yet they served anyway.  Most have always been wary of the long term effects of Johnson’s “Great Society” programs and his magnanimity with the taxpayer’s dollars. Nixon referred to this group as the “silent majority” but he knew he did not and could not own their total loyalty. Now on the heals of W’s Tarp and Obama’s Mega Stimulus Package and Obamacare, they rise again.

Large majorities are middle age Patriots who have rightfully discerned that the country is headed down a dangerous road toward economic chaos and social calamity. Fortunately these Patriots have trained their youth with the same set of values they possess and thus legions of young Patriots are Tea Party participants also. This group sees very little distinction between left and right in government positions except in terms of whom each side chooses as winners or sets out to destroy as losers.

They are sure of one thing; to participate in the governmental largess they would have to betray their own moral compass. To be forced to betray that compass could generate the spontaneous ignition of revolution. (for what doth it profit a man…)

The largest majority of tea party members do not belong to any formal Tea Party organization. They do not attend rallies unless they happen to be in the host town. They spend their time earning a living and raising a family in a country that has become unfriendly to both. They see a citizenry who has become far too dependent on a Federal and State government. They know the government will confiscate the funds to pay the dependency seekers from their sweat and they don’t like it!

Just a few long staying traits within the Tea Party movement overall are:

  • They readily casual evoke common sense because it comes naturally.
  • They know that all of their rights are given by our Creator, guaranteed by our Constitution and partially enumerated and emphasized by the Bill of Rights. No government or representative thereof may remove or alter those rights without the consent of the governed.
  • They know that our judicial system is badly broken, no judicial appointment should be for life and any judge who renders decisions based upon ideology instead of strict constitutional interpretation should be immediately suspended.
  • They know that the government has declared a clandestine war on their faith and religion. Their freedom to exercise their chosen faith is under constant assault.
  • They know the definition of “is”, “investment” and other intentionally deceptive words and do not need a higher court to interpret.
  • In fact when these deceptions are brought into question they see the evil intention of the questioner clearly.
  • They know that more than ample taxes, in fact too much are currently confiscated by State and Federal government and economic solutions reside in smaller and less intrusive government.
  • They know the media is bias to the left except Fox and they are biased to the right. Belaboring of the issue is wasted breath because their vision is 20/20 and needs no debate.
  • They know that the “lifers” in Congress are stealing the treasury blind as they create legislation only to enrich themselves and their friends. They also know that every one of these scoundrels must be removed from office.
  • They know that only games of deception and posturing are being played by the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives with all the phony issues currently flung about. Reducing the cost of any government program over years instead of immediately in “Today” dollars is a scam of baseline budgeting.
  • They realize that the catch phrase “getting something for the American people” actually means “doing something to the American people”.
  • The current national discussion over contraception is contrived to avoid the administration having to discuss abortion and its position regarding infanticide.

All of the groups have seen both political parties in all levels of the Federal Government steal from the taxpayer’s coffers. Politicians and government employee groups have enriched themselves and their friends from the treasury and violated the laws of common decency without penalty yet the offenders remain in office.

Yes, the Tea Party is the group that showed up at the polls in 2010 in numbers up from 2006 midterms by almost 5 million and 2002 midterms by just over 10 million. This now called “tea party” has been brewing for a long time but seemed to take on animation and the moniker “Tea Party” around the time of Rick Santelli’s’ Chicago diatribe in early 2009 about the fallacy of government backed mortgages.

Santelli was by far not the first to see and protest the upcoming collapse of the housing industry. But he was heard loudest that day. The average tea party participant is a Patriot who believes absolutely in the Bible first, traditional value of family, specifically theirs, second and the Constitution as written close behind. When the President accused this group of clinging to religion and guns he could have not been more correct.

So Where Is the Tea Party?

They have spent the days gone by wisely. They have offered themselves as candidates for office, promoted candidates for office who share their principles, they have created websites, networks of affiliations and have yet to stop working toward an orderly antidote to the cancer that is destroying our country. They have been very active meeting and planning. They have not gone anywhere…

Look beside you!

When the call to action comes from the currently incognito protagonist, the Tea Party will rise to the occasion just like a well oiled machine and function organically.

%Southern MusterTea Party MIA? ... Not A Chance Boys and Girls!

The New and Improved “PTL Club”, **Apply Here**

The New & Improved “PTL Club”,

**New Memberships Available **

**Apply Here**

Many will remember the now defunct PTL Club, the brain child and money funnel of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. PTL stood for “Praise The Lord” or “People That Love” depending upon whom you ask. It was an incredibly successful financial enterprise until it hit the “Fallen Evangelist’s Wall.”

Around 1989 the entire ministry went into bankruptcy when Jim Bakker was convicted of taking TV viewer donated money from the ministry coffers for personal use. Some might remember the house he had in Tega Cay on Lake Wylie that was acclaimed to have 24 carat gold bathroom fixtures. Certainly the gold trim must have helped the six bidets and water closets to flush better, right?

How could Charlotte, NC residents ever forget the local radio jockey, Murphy in the Morning, doing his schtick about the “PTL Club, better known to all of his morning drive listeners as the Pass The Loot Club. He was relentless with his skits and absolutely coffee through the nose hilarious. That PTL Club is gone now, but fear not.

There are rumors that the Obama administration will be making new memberships available to join his “PTL Club.” Word is that there are about to be anywhere from one to all members departing soon, several even before November 6. Just about everyday now there is a new deception peaking ever so carefully around the massive wall of protection provided by the media. The messenger delivering an account of the issue being deceptively spun, of course is always a member in good standing of the Administration’s PTL Club.

But recently, each time an “investigative new media sleuth reprobate not worthy of membership in present society blogger in pajamas’s type”, otherwise known as a “Racist” senses smoke, they anxiously run toward it to find the inevitable fire. While they exhibit such immense bravery, they know that some never to be identified person, place or thing will be blamed for every snafu or failed grandiose plan of the administration to discredit their finding of facts. But low and behold, it seems each time they find the source of the smoke, they also discover the burning fuse of the next scheme or scandal, preplanned to explode on or after November 7, 2012. At which time the administration can let Bozo Joe tell the American citizen, “No big F***** Deal. WE WON, so sue me!”

However, there could be a little problem. Many of the Administration’s PTL Club executive members are necessarily being hung out to dry. They are being blamed for the Administration’s more and more obviously boneheaded schemes and the rumor is that several of these scapegoats might just blow that little silver whistle before the tag team of Issa, Chaffetz and Gowdy sends them that neatly folded subpoena.

Should some of the current members of the PTL Club begin to fold under the weight of “I’m not covering for these jackasses any more” revelation, then there would be new memberships open up suddenly. Therefore, this solicitation for new and unsuspecting members of the administration’s Paid To Lie ” Club will be available soon. Please complete the questionnaire below.

  • Do you have any problem standing at a podium just like White House Spokesman Jay Carney does and take questions from reporters, make up long winded sentences about irrelevant garbage to run out the questioner’s time while never giving an answer?
  • Do you have any problem going on as many as 5 Sunday morning news programs to deliver the most lame and ridiculous story we can contrive while knowing not even Chris Matthews believes it because his leg never tingled?
  • Can you sit in front of a House or Senate investigative committee under oath and swear you never read the communications that you were once so proud of when you first read them for an operation called, “Fast and Furious”? Can you then ever so slightly modify that testimony when you learn a US Border Agent got killed from the gun running operation you authorized?
  • Can you stand next to the President knowing your future career is going down the drain as you and he apologize to the entire Muslim world for some obscure YouTube movie that had only 303 views before you first mentioned it? Can you then proclaim that you are absolutely certain this movie caused every Muslim in the Middle East to hate America?
  • Can you attend a Vice Presidential debate and while gnashing your teeth, pointing you finger at the moderator and the camera, proclaim in a loud and angry voice that anything you say is fact and you mean every word that comes out of your mouth because it is true?

If you answered Yes to any one of these questions,

Welcome to President Obama’s PTL Club

%Southern MusterThe New and Improved PTL Club, **Apply Here**

I said Welcome to the PTL Club, and I mean what I say Dammit!

%Southern MusterThe New and Improved PTL Club, **Apply Here**

Amen! Go for It Senator Rand Paul

Amen! Go for It Senator Rand Paul

As Senator Rand Paul is single-handedly exercising the long lost tradition of an actual Filibuster on the Senate floor today, I say …AMEN Senator!

Senator Rand Paul is presenting his case in opposition of the Obama Administration’s use of unmanned drones to kill American Citizens on American soil using the “maybe true, maybe contrived” excuse of the now dead American being a potential terrorist threat. Of course, as with even the most innocuous of inquiries to the Obama Administration, the public will never know if such accusation is valid due to deployment of the “Most Transparent Administration’s” default response of “Top Secret Information”, “Currently Under Internal Investigation”, “Executive Orders”, “Executive Privilege”, or simply its eternal stall tactics such as being used in the Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and many other investigations.

I for one would like to see Senator Paul’s Filibuster expanded to drive a magnifying glass into the heart of the American problem; namely our Federal Government’s complete dismissal of our Constitution.

It is high time our Senators and Representatives begin to stand up for our Constitution. It does not take but a short review of The Constitution by any average American Citizen to clearly see that for decades virtually all of the actions of our Federal Government have no sibilance to the enumerated powers of the Federal Government. The Obama Administration is setting the high subversion mark for ignoring the Constitution. Its defiance of the Constitution makes that of all previous administrations look like doodle time for kids.

What I now must wonder is whether my Senators Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham will find the intestinal fortitude to stand with Senator Rand Paul to keep the important issue of preventing drone strikes on American Citizens alive and expand this filibuster to be a launch platform to retake our Constitution out of the captivity of a rogue runaway Federal Government.

The GOP has been strangling itself in over-thinking their perceived fallacies since losing the 2012 elections so much so that they cannot see the answer staring them in the face.

The Federal Government was Created by the States for a very specific purpose. That purpose is delineated in our Constitution where the power extended by the States is the enumerated powers within the Constitution document. If the GOP needs an answer that will not be legitimately challenged this is it. Go stand with Senator Rand Paul to expand this filibuster to reclaim constitutional compliance by the Federal Government and keep that guiding principle alive as the bedrock of the GOP. Any who oppose such a worthy campaign should be removed from all elected Government positions if for no other reason violation of their oath of office.

“Now is the time for all good Americans (Primarily Constitution, Liberty, and Freedom loving Senators) to come to the aid of their Senator Rand Paul.”

%Southern MusterAmen! Go for It Senator Rand Paul