Choose The Constitution – “A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan

The United States and

The Republicans swept the election while many of us must now hope they remember the Constitution that established the rules that allowed them to be elected in free elections. Now that the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans time will tell if they become part of the corrupt system or they honor that US Constitution and the . Both parties are guilty of slowly nibbling away the foundation of the Constitution through bills, laws, and programs never contemplated by the Founding Fathers. The new class of elected leaders must be watched as closely as the Liberal Democrats they replaced. Mountain House FoodThey have gotten badly off track under previous Republican administrations. Maybe this time will be better, but early signals are not promising.

Even now we constantly hear from all politicians and talking heads phrases like, “The People want us to get something done,” or “We have to get things done for the American people.” The truth is, with a limited number of exceptions, every bill every congress has created and passed since ratification of the Bill of Rights has “Done something TO the American people!” The correct mantra for every Congressperson and Senator should be “We must get something UNDONE for the American people.” The sooner they begin to repeal bad, constitutionally non-compliant legislation already in force, the better off the American people will be.

“Imagine having protection by the government from enemies, foreign and domestic along with the and from the government the authors of the and Bill of Rights envisioned in today’s world. We would be the most secure and economically dynamic nation on earth. Every American would have the unfettered opportunity to succeed without the interference of hundreds of thousands of anti-success legislation and regulation.”

Ronald Reagan had that vision. Here is his “” speech 50 years ago.

On Constitution Post, Ronald Reagan

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Thank You to All Veterans!

These guys just played the National Anthem Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Nationwide NASCAR race in Daytona. It’s worth posting again. Hope you like.

Thank You to All Veterans!

This is a short post to say Thank You to All of the Veterans who have served and are serving. You may well be one of only a few of the assets and institutions of the United States not currently in decline.

These guys just played the National Anthem Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Nationwide NASCAR race in Daytona. It’s worth posting again. Hope you like.

This video is by a group I have been watching for a while and the lead singer is a Veteran.

Listen Madison Rising sing The Star Spangled Banner


Patriot Band

Dr. Ben Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

Dr. Ben Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast Speech

I realize the redundancy of this post but I believe Dr. Carson‘s speech is so important that every Conservative website should keep it available permanently in hope all American’s will eventually watch it. The traditional media has paid no attention to this speech for reasons that will become obvious after watching the video. Dr. Carson‘s speech was given at the National Prayer Breakfast with President Obama sitting two seats away from the podium. Here is that speech,

Dr. Carson has said in subsequent media interviews that Obama Administration asked him on more than one occasion for a copy of his speech so they could “Approve” it. He declined and finally told them that he did not prepare outlines for his speeches but instead spoke unscripted based upon his own convictions and beliefs at such events. He did say however, that he gave him the Scripture verses upon which his remarks would be based.

Consider, Dr. Carson presented his Concise, Accurate, Truthful and Biblically based remarks with no teleprompter and was spot on” and his comments have created a Conservative frenzy of total agreement! Obviously Dr. Carson’s remarks came from deep conviction to flow so coherently. Do you think we will ever see such honesty from President Obama?


Tea Party MIA? … Not A Chance Boys and Girls!

Tea Party MIA? … Not A Chance Boys and Girls!

Tea PartyI keep reading and hearing that the Tea Party has lost its influence, or the Tea Party is at the point where they have to make a choice. They must either rise again to become visible and outspoken in current events and the GOP primary process or they will dissipate into the next decade’s eighth grade’s history books.

If most of the purveyors of these habitually wishful thoughts had their way they would volunteer to help write the history books covering the Tea Party’s rise or demise; each political flavor being deeply rooted in desires for a specific outcome. But they, both left and right have never had any real understanding of, “Who is the Tea Party?”

In fact, pundits and the current administration spend a great deal time and money trying to associate the Tea Party to whatever group best suits their political needs. Or conversely attempt to associate groups distasteful to their quest to the Tea Party; case in point Occupy Wall Street after it went vile or Jared Loughner.

Because the visible Tea Party groups are all independent but tend to unite as they rally around a common set of principles, even many of the members of the individual groups do not know exactly who comprises the whole unit functioning as “tea party”.

Part of the problem in determining who makes up the Tea Party is the expectation that it can be identified using existing groups of people mostly on the basis of association with other groups of people or organizations. That is to say that because the Tea Party outwardly supports this idea or that idea (you pick the example) then they must have links to the originator of the idea. These prognosticators could be correct with regard to the specific idea being promoted but no single association can identify the elusive Tea Party.

I have a pretty good idea who the Tea Party is, but even my identification and description will be somewhat lacking in that the Tea Party is so organic that it grows and retracts daily in a way mysterious to most who want to categorize them anyway.

So who is this The Tea Party?

The best way to begin is to remember the story of Francis Marion, the notorious Swamp Fox and one of many hero’s’ of the Revolutionary war against the British.

Without preference to either the recorded truth, the generational lore or the current day revisionists who wish to discredit hero’s of the day with the lens of today’s standards, most will agree that the primary attribute of General Francis Marion was his acumen for unconventional warfare, bravery and patriotism. He knew well the fighting tactics of his enemy, did not engage the enemy on their terms and he fought to win!

The British as well as most of Washington’s Continental Army lined up across a field and marched toward each other shooting while hoping the opponent was a poor shot. Whoever had the most men standing at the end of the shooting would likely win the sword and knife fight yet to ensue, thus won the battle.

General Marion liked his chances of success better when he used what we now call guerrilla tactics. To him it was like hunting wild game in the woods and swamps. He studied his enemy then came upon them when he deemed the timing to be favorable. He could better control the outcome when he set the rules of engagement.

The point is that General Marion did not allow his cause to be defeated by engaging in his enemy’s predictable and relentless tactics. The Tea Party is well aware of the tactics of and shenanigans played by both political parties and have chosen not to be drawn into their line of fire needlessly. Yet!

Who are the individuals that comprise the overall Tea Party?

They are a growing group of American citizens who are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and No Affiliation only in terms of the door they enter on voting day. They are all Patriots first and foremost before any party affiliation.

Many of them are the same group who became completely distrustful of government after the Kennedy assassination. They watched with displeasure at Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War yet they served anyway.  Most have always been wary of the long term effects of Johnson’s “Great Society” programs and his magnanimity with the taxpayer’s dollars. Nixon referred to this group as the “silent majority” but he knew he did not and could not own their total loyalty. Now on the heals of W’s Tarp and Obama’s Mega Stimulus Package and Obamacare, they rise again.

Large majorities are middle age Patriots who have rightfully discerned that the country is headed down a dangerous road toward economic chaos and social calamity. Fortunately these Patriots have trained their youth with the same set of values they possess and thus legions of young Patriots are Tea Party participants also. This group sees very little distinction between left and right in government positions except in terms of whom each side chooses as winners or sets out to destroy as losers.

They are sure of one thing; to participate in the governmental largess they would have to betray their own moral compass. To be forced to betray that compass could generate the spontaneous ignition of revolution. (for what doth it profit a man…)

The largest majority of tea party members do not belong to any formal Tea Party organization. They do not attend rallies unless they happen to be in the host town. They spend their time earning a living and raising a family in a country that has become unfriendly to both. They see a citizenry who has become far too dependent on a Federal and State government. They know the government will confiscate the funds to pay the dependency seekers from their sweat and they don’t like it!

Just a few long staying traits within the Tea Party movement overall are:

  • They readily casual evoke common sense because it comes naturally.
  • They know that all of their rights are given by our Creator, guaranteed by our Constitution and partially enumerated and emphasized by the Bill of Rights. No government or representative thereof may remove or alter those rights without the consent of the governed.
  • They know that our judicial system is badly broken, no judicial appointment should be for life and any judge who renders decisions based upon ideology instead of strict constitutional interpretation should be immediately suspended.
  • They know that the government has declared a clandestine war on their faith and religion. Their freedom to exercise their chosen faith is under constant assault.
  • They know the definition of “is”, “investment” and other intentionally deceptive words and do not need a higher court to interpret.
  • In fact when these deceptions are brought into question they see the evil intention of the questioner clearly.
  • They know that more than ample taxes, in fact too much are currently confiscated by State and Federal government and economic solutions reside in smaller and less intrusive government.
  • They know the media is bias to the left except Fox and they are biased to the right. Belaboring of the issue is wasted breath because their vision is 20/20 and needs no debate.
  • They know that the “lifers” in Congress are stealing the treasury blind as they create legislation only to enrich themselves and their friends. They also know that every one of these scoundrels must be removed from office.
  • They know that only games of deception and posturing are being played by the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives with all the phony issues currently flung about. Reducing the cost of any government program over years instead of immediately in “Today” dollars is a scam of baseline budgeting.
  • They realize that the catch phrase “getting something for the American people” actually means “doing something to the American people”.
  • The current national discussion over contraception is contrived to avoid the administration having to discuss abortion and its position regarding infanticide.

All of the groups have seen both political parties in all levels of the Federal Government steal from the taxpayer’s coffers. Politicians and government employee groups have enriched themselves and their friends from the treasury and violated the laws of common decency without penalty yet the offenders remain in office.

Yes, the Tea Party is the group that showed up at the polls in 2010 in numbers up from 2006 midterms by almost 5 million and 2002 midterms by just over 10 million. This now called “tea party” has been brewing for a long time but seemed to take on animation and the moniker “Tea Party” around the time of Rick Santelli’s’ Chicago diatribe in early 2009 about the fallacy of government backed mortgages.

Santelli was by far not the first to see and protest the upcoming collapse of the housing industry. But he was heard loudest that day. The average tea party participant is a Patriot who believes absolutely in the Bible first, traditional value of family, specifically theirs, second and the Constitution as written close behind. When the President accused this group of clinging to religion and guns he could have not been more correct.

So Where Is the Tea Party?

They have spent the days gone by wisely. They have offered themselves as candidates for office, promoted candidates for office who share their principles, they have created websites, networks of affiliations and have yet to stop working toward an orderly antidote to the cancer that is destroying our country. They have been very active meeting and planning. They have not gone anywhere…

Look beside you!

When the call to action comes from the currently incognito protagonist, the Tea Party will rise to the occasion just like a well oiled machine and function organically.

Could Medication Be the Main Culprit?

Could medication Be the Main Culprit?

Normally all of my posts on this website are my own originals, but in this case I have chosen to post, with printed permission, an article by Brian Wilson regarding the potential relationship of medication and the Sandy Hook shooting or better yet many of the mass shootings in the United States. He gives clues where to find a more culpable suspect than inanimate objects like guns and bullets. I hope you like.


The Other Newtown Victims

by Brian Wilson

“Truth is the first casualty of war” is a quote attributed to everyone from Aeschylus to Alfred E. Neuman. Regardless of authorship (and prescience), the tragedy of Newtown has seen Fact and Reason fall immediately thereafter. While Truth may have been done in by any number of suspects in times of actual War, Fact and Reason were brutally murdered by those who were purported to love them best, the “journalists” of the Main Stream Media.

I, Media

Thanks to technology, the average individual with a Smart Phone, Blackberry or similar device, can record, video and send current events faster and easier than the best reporter in the field 40 years ago. Unfortunately, Journalism hasn’t kept up with the Tech Sector. As a result, incompetents, morons and nincompoops have become today’s “Citizen Journalist”. Along with their own blog and a YouTube account, they are this generations Murrow, Cronkite, Huntley – Brinkley, all from the comfort of their parent’s basement. Their quality and content tend to speak for themselves. At least give them an A for effort and an inquiring mind. Sadly, the Pros have used the lack of formal training of the “bloggers” as camouflage, to excuse whatever Journalism standards, training or ethics they may have learned. This is their Big Fail.

As craven as the politicians who leapt in front of the funeral processions to preen and pose, “journalists” from every print and broadcast source tossed any residual vestiges of objective reporting to reveal Full Monty their ignorance, prejudice and progressive agenda. In wanton efforts to satisfy their addiction to Instant Gratification, some of the most egregious examples of factual misrepresentation, woefully inaccurate reporting, emotive code words and blatant editorializing filled the airwaves and pages everywhere. Only the “New Media”, the Internet with certain web sites and quality bloggers were the sources of accurate information as the MSM went for days with mangled stories, hyper-accusations, hearsay and innuendo exacerbating the emotional revulsion, a natural by-product of such a heinous crime.

After 47 years in the broadcast and print media, I found this is more to be expected than surprising.

Of course, every one of the Ruling Class and the Blow-Dried Set has a solution: reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban, arm teachers, ban hi-cap mags, cops in every school (“National Guard!” – Barbara Boxer, Duh/Absurdistan), “deeper” background checks and longer wait times for firearm purchases, “closing the gun show loophole”, blah, yadda, etc.

Conspicuous by its absence is any in-depth investigation of whether psychotropic drugs, anti-depressants or other SSRI prescription medication was being used by the perpetrator. Ritalin, Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft are some of the popular, widely prescribed drugs whose side-effects can be devastating. Similarly, MSM reporters, commentators and pundits apparently haven’t bothered to educate themselves – or inform their viewers, listeners or readers – of the readily available and damning facts found here. For those cursed with a slow Internet connection, here is an incomplete sample:

  1. Huntsville, Alabama – February 5, 2010: 15-year-old Hammad Memon shot and killed another Discover Middle School student Todd Brown. Memon had a history for being treated for ADHD and depression. He was taking the antidepressant Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.” He had been seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist.
  2. Kauhajoki, Finland – September 23, 2008: 22-year-old culinary student Matti Saari shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and a benzodiazapine. He was also seeing a psychologist.
  3. Dekalb, Illinois – February 14, 2008: 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amount of Xanax in his system. He had been seeing a psychiatrist.
  4. Jokela, Finland – November 7, 2007: 18-year-old Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen had been taking antidepressants before he killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School in southern Finland, then committed suicide.
  5. Cleveland, Ohio – October 10, 2007: 14-year-old Asa Coon stormed through his school with a gun in each hand, shooting and wounding four before taking his own life. Court records show Coon had been placed on the antidepressant Trazodone.

There are many – too many – more.

I have seen no reports Lanza’s medication was being monitored periodically, as required, by a psychiatrist nor I have seen reports that periodic blood levels were being taken on him as required. Medication is to be given in conjunction with cognitive behavior counseling – yet there is no mention of this. 25% of adults in the US are on some type of psychiatric medication – greater than any population in the entire WORLD. If anything needs regulation, it is the drugs, not the guns.

Surely you’ve seen the noted side effects for his meds, right? Fanapt (Iloperidone): Psychiatric side effects including restlessness, aggression, and delusion have been reported frequently. Hostility, decreased libido, paranoia, anorgasmia, confusional state, mania, catatonia, mood swings, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, delirium, polydipsia psychogenic, impulse-control disorder, and major depression. Somehow this doesn’t raise the curiosity of the 4th Estate. Could it be Big Pharma’s advertising budget has an influence felt in the News Room? Watch the ABCNBCCBS News this evening. Check the sponsors. And trust me: the Sales Dept talks to the News and Programming Depts. Been there; heard that.

As this is being written (12/21/12), there are no reports, results or enlightening discussions or serious investigations in progress to determine if SSRI drugs were involved, despite the occasional reference to reports the killer had “mental problems”. This failure to report the historical pharmacological aspect of previous mass killings – with possible involvement in the Newtown murders – has allowed the MSM and politicians to focus the issue entirely on guns– when the guns were no more at fault than a Chevy SUV driven by a drunk that crashes and kills a family of 8. Is there a rush to ban Chevy SUVs? Are Chevy SUVs declared illegal? A return to Prohibition? Limiting parents to only3 children to minimize the carnage?

Only a fool will blame the tool.

So why the mass expectorating on guns? Because, egged on by a complicit media with an anti-freedom agenda, aggressive ignorance and uncontrolled emotion has taken control of the narrative. The practical solutions are politically impossible and the political solutions are practically worthless.

To date, there has been no solution offered that resolves the problem without violating personal liberty, freedom or property rights – in essence, those very things the government has been instituted among men to protect.

Examples include:

“Assault weapons”: the term does not apply honestly or accurately in any aspect of this discussion (although the media uses it incessantly).

“Hi cap clips”: Properly called “magazines”, a limit on these to 20 rounds or 10 hypocritically exposes the supporter merely to a lower number of bodies. It is a red herring. In a Free Society, the “need” for such implements is irrelevant. It is a matter of free choice by a peaceful individual.

Gun Free School Zones, limited number of weapons permitted to be purchased (“one gun a month”) and similar flaccid, intellectually bankrupt ideas have already been proven ineffectual at best or fatally harmful to children, students, teachers, professors, movie goers and others.

Personally, I second the idea of replacing “gun control” with “gun safety” — effective immediately, required gun safety and marksmanship classes in every government school. They can be scheduled right after sex ed. If a student is old enough to be instructed in safe sex, s/he is old enough to be trained in the safe handling of firearms. Both disciplines could save their life.

Any “National Debate” and subsequent “agreements” must affirmatively answer the question: Had this law/regulation been in effect prior to Dec 12, would it have prevented the carnage? Anything less is a delusional exercise in futility. There are over 20,000 gun laws in America today. Politicians never explain how more laws will make criminals obey them. Not one – or any new one – can take tragedy out of our future any more than we can legislate a perfect society.

December 25, 2012

Brian Wilson [send him mail], nationally ignored talk show host and occasional LRC un-indicted co-contributor, is currently annoying miniscule audiences in a number of markets from his technically challenged studios safely outside the dictatorship of Toledo.

Copyright © 2012 by Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.





A Fiscal Cliff…It Looks Like a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Is It a Fiscal Cliff or A Weapon of Mass Destruction?

All of the DC Elites are in a stupor because the economy might go over what they call a “fiscal cliff.” As kids, we dove off steep cliffs at an abandoned rock quarry in the summertime, but we never dove into a “fiscal”, just clear deep water. Maybe this Cliff has fiscals at the bottom instead of water? I wonder, are these “fiscals” some sort of weapon? Weapon of mass destruction maybe? I thought terrorists hid IED’s in roads not fiscals in cliffs?

TV and Radio Superstars bang the drums for common sense and strong strategic leadership while knowing such does not exist in the “The White Palace” or the “Congressional Chateaus” where our most reality immunized employees muck up the hallways. These Superstars continually cry out to DC’s dead airwaves, “It’s a spending problem, not a taxing problem you dimwits.”

The GOP pundits and leaders are about to wet their pants as “Not Ready For Prime Time Johnny” weeps in the corner, worried he and the other “country-clubbers” might get blamed for going over this Fiscal Cliff.

“Hypocrite Harry” threatens to change the Senate rules to satisfy his inner “Short Man Syndrome” power desires,  all in hope of enhancing his legacy as Senate Gestapo

“See No Evil Mini McC” shouts at the top of his whisper, “Please Play Fair Harry.”

Formerly veritable Democrats are as liberally silent about addressing the fiscal cliff as a church mouse.

President “let me be clear” is traveling the country like a Hilton pissing away an unearned inheritance as he locates the dumbest Americans he can find to deliver muddled, meaningless quips by Jimmy Carter he found in the Oval Office vault crumpled in the same corner as FDR’s leftover utopian ponzi schemes.

All this in exchange for one fiscal cliff photo-op the Glavlit press team can blast at you ad nauseam.

When the photo-op is over President “let me be clear” is off to his next golf outing at whatever is the most expensive location he can secure on your dime. He fully intends to watch you plummet off the fiscal cliff in luxury.

Very much like a nefarious foreign dictator, Chairman “O” views this Fiscal Cliff as his personal weapon of mass destruction. With one “fiscal gas” shot he will accomplish his goal of wiping out and punishing all working Americans, most job producing so called “rich” small businesses and maybe destroy the Republican Party to boot.

And, We the People continue with life just like little trained monkeys waiting for whatever self serving instrument of illogical origin “Chairman “O” and his Politburo” choose to punish hard work and success with. Democrats call this Hope!

Damn, what a great group of liberals and pikers we have chosen! Be Proud America…Be Very Proud!

Now relax and observe as they repay their living, dead, ghost, fictitious, and illegal voters with a little Santa Claus as they torment hard working legal American Citizens and small business job creators with their hellbent path to socialism and inevitable collapse.

The frustration for Patriotic working Americans is that we know how to fix the problem. We maintain a healthy disdain for those who suck from the government teat as a way of getting something for nothing. But, we harbor no misgivings toward those truly in need, in fact they can have our shirt and shoes too.

We don’t need experts, economists and these pikers to tell us how complicated the problem is because it’s not….

namely, if you spend more than you make, something is going to break… Stop Spending what you don’t have!

As an old Farmer said to his new hand, “It ain’t rocket science boy; if the seed don’t grow, you don’t eat.”

It’s pretty clear that this President prefers plummeting off a fiscal cliff than to solve economic problems. In fact if he had the totalitarian reign of a King like the one he dreams of, he would take just shy of all your money.

That is what Democrats are, for crying out loud. It’s what they do. They want your money; all of it!

Chairman “O” and his Democrat Central Committee are salivating for the “Bush Tax Cuts” to expire. They have convinced their weak-of-mind voters that allowing Americans on January 1, 2013 to have the same amount of their own money they had one day earlier on December 31, 2012 is a tax cut working Americans don’t deserve. Thus, all working Americans will get a tax increase instead and the military will be devastated beginning in January 1, 2013.

These Robber Barons know they can rely on the liberally biased and dishonest press to convince the majority who voted for them it was the Republican’s fault…”Poor Mr. President, those mean old Republicans and George Bush made him have to increase your taxes” will be the headline.

Early 2013 President Obama will campaign to give the money HE took from you back to only the groups and classes of people who support him. He will then punish the rest until they fall in line or go broke. He will make no genuine effort to reconstitute the military because of his deep hatred for all things defense even when strong national defense is the number one constitutional responsibility of every sitting President.

The GOP, instead of raising holy hell to draw attention to the real problem, choose to play games with numbers by hiding behind this insane method of base-line budgeting1 and they have capitulated to using the Democrat Central Committee’s deceptive wording instead of the truth.

The bottom line is that there is no appetite to cut spending and solve the real problem. If this discussion were more accurately called the “January 2013 Tax Increase on the Working Middle Class” these 537 pikers might be seeking at least a temporary halt before launching this weapon of mass destruction. Then 1,000,000 jobs would not have to be lost by diving off their self created fiscal cliff.

Nothing will change until working Americans take the first of many steps to stand up and demand accountability beginning with;

“Cut the Fiscal Cliff Bull S***, just do your job and stop spending.”

So, hold on to your wallet, the Democrat Central Committee is coming to your New Year’s Party.

Fiscal Cliff

Southern Muster

1)  In a nutshell baseline budgeting provides that whatever the government spent last year plus what is currently about 7% equals the budget for this year. Given the inflated budget projection, if a Republican or Democrat proposes cutting this year’s budget by 7% they are really not cutting anything.

“Now is the time…aid of their country.”

Their ?

How many of us know the phrase, “Now is the time for all good men to come of their country“? Maybe from a pre-1975 typing class? Back during those times it was an innocent seeming phrase from an unknown author used to teach junior high school kids to type. It was originally used to test and exhibit very early model typewriter performance and capability. I first learned it from my mother somewhere around 1961 or 1962 as I banged on her old pink Smith-Corona typewriter.

I had absolutely no idea this phrase would one day be so significant regarding the relentless assault against our country and our constitution!

I view the phrase much more personally now than I did back in the 60’s. I know for myself and hopefully that many other patriots will agree it should be revised to say, “Now is the time for this good man to come to the aid of My Country”.

For decades Republicans and Democrats alike have been co-opting this phrase to expand their power and grow the , always to the detriment of the country. But they use different, subtler, sneaky and redefined words.  We just have not been listening close enough.

Our and his administration disguise it daily with phrases like, “…to pay their fair share”, “…play by the same rules…”,”…level the playing field…”, or “…everyone has to sacrifice a little…” 

House and Senate of both parties use phrases like, “… get something done for the American People”, “…our plan cuts a ‘megagozillion’ dollars over ten years” or “…come together across the aisle…”

In the history of the country, can anyone name one piece of legislation that added to instead of diminishing liberty and freedom from one or more American’s? The mother of all abuses was “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.

The most recent deception foisted upon the country is “…access to contraception…” invented solely by the Democrat party to deflect attention away from the administration’s position on abortion, more specifically their ongoing attempt to legalize infanticide.

When they elude “…come to the aid of their country” they mean something completely different than most Americans think. They never mean “aid” or “country” in a constitutionally compliant manner. Instead they mean for you to buck up and personally come to “Their” aid. Ergo, to pay for “Their” failed social programs, pet projects, “payola” to campaign contributors, favored classes of people or idealistically imagined vision of a Country that we would never recognize. Their subsequent actions always produce larger , higher taxes, incredible waste and incremental loss of individual liberty and freedom with each new call to action.

Just consider that any one dollar bill sent through the front door of the Federal Government comes out the side or back door as less than forty cents. Special interest, theft or bureaucracy devours the other sixty cents. Even when states send money to the Fed for distribution that will be returned to that very same state, that state gets less than forty cents of their dollar back. That’s just downright idiotic.

Even though many Americans just like me have been passive participants in the electoral and governmental process for scores of years, that docile involvement is no longer adequate short of surrender!

While so many of us around the country, the silent majority so to speak, have stayed tacitly informed and reactive as we focus on earning a living to support our families, embezzlers, colluders and autocratic narcissists have slowly and methodically stolen our freedom, our money and are on the verge of stealing and destroying .

The days of religiously voting and leading occasional discussions about the ill state of affairs in our country to win over friends, family and dissenters is akin to submissively watching our country reduced to ruin with the only vaccine in the palm of our hand; namely voting en masse to reclaim control and demand a conservative constitutionally compliant government be it slightly left or slightly right.

Trust in political leaders, particularly prior to 1993, used to be cautiously extended. We could be reasonably certain or at least thought that our leaders, while disagreeing constantly on methodology were genuinely interested in the best result for our country without deviating from its founding constitutional principles, specifically freedom, liberty, opportunity and independence.

That Cautious Trust is 100% dead! The majority of taxpayers in cannot and do not trust our government officials at all!

At least three major forces within this country, one of them being liberal minority special interest , have purchased influence in Washington while we were working and trusting our elected leaders to act in our best interest.

Currently, many liberal oriented small minority groups are being banded together by powerful, well financed sinister forces thus allowing them to stealthy co-opt power over this country. They accomplish this by using threats of either not funding or smearing career politician’s campaigns in exchange for regulatory favors and exponential payback with your tax proceeds. These small single cause groups are more than willing to prostitute all redeeming attributes of their original cause in exchange for fame, fortune and acceptance into the larger financier group. They bear no burden of patriotism to this country and our constitution once aligned with the larger group.

The current administration has placed many leaders from these small groups in various government positions for the purpose of writing a record setting number of regulations. Every regulation written by one of these unelected department heads wastes taxpayer money and steals another piece of liberty from us. This method was used by the previous administration also. Both administrations knew they could not get such unconstitutional restrictions passed through any sitting congress.

Another major group manipulating power in our country is private and public sector unions. To repackage an old phrase,

“The bosses of these unions, using only short term vision are determined to increase their share of the egg production by choking the chicken.”

They accomplish this by demanding money from the Federal coffers using threats and intimidation toward weak minded and unscrupulous . Then they use large sums of that money along with dues coerced from members to pay off the next public servant in the way of their next extortion. And make no mistake it is extortion.

The unions are in full mode panic right now because this circle of life that is their Modus operandi has been shrinking for decades and is in danger of extinction when this country’s taxpayers wise up. That makes them all the more dangerous this 2012 election cycle. They must get politicians elected who are willing to burglarize the taxpayer to pay them back and they will deploy whatever tactics necessary to accomplish this goal.

A very significant major group with a strangle hold on liberty and freedom in the country is large through their K Street proxy’s; primarily Wall Street firms and large banks as of most recent. These groups have been given free access to the country’s treasury through their co-mingled relationship with the Federal Reserve and the White House. Bailouts to these groups were nothing more than politicians paying them back for support while choosing the winners and losers.

Numerous corporations that actually produce a product can be divided into at least two significant groups. The first are the corporations chosen to be the winners by some politician (s) who then gives unfettered, no risk access to the country’s treasury because their promised product satisfies the politician (s) or another favored group’s idealistic desires.

The second group is the corporations who “pay to play” for protection from what the politician seeking “payola” could do to them financially through targeted regulations. These are essentially the spineless executives who will cast you the taxpayer under the bus to dazzle their stockholders on a quarterly basis. If the average taxpayer knew whom they pay and what regulations are passed in favor of these corporations, their stockholders would get a real surprise and not a pleasant one.

Many of the mid-size to large corporations, due to lack of intestinal fortitude to oppose the minority group pressure and oppressive regulators seeking to strangle the country, have taken the proceeds from your purchase of their products to buy trial lawyers and politicians in order to influence legislation in their exclusive favor. Our country loses in every case.

Are these “big corporations” Evil as so many want you to believe? … No, most are not evil, just managed by unprincipled cowards often with leftists and scoundrels at the helm! The most recent flap is evidence of a few.

Huge Wall Street Brokerages and banks the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup or Bank of America and mega companies like GE, GM, Sunpower, Solyndra and the list goes on are perfect examples of the “influence purchasing” group. They and the politicians they support know that in the end you will pick up the tab for all their blunders. Again, our country loses.

Meanwhile small entrepreneurial companies who create most of the jobs in the country get no breaks, no favorite status and are constantly barraged with crushing regulation and taxation. These are the very enterprises that can solve our country’s employment and economic woes yet they are the targets of the political class warfare campaigns. They are especially hated and demonized by the progressive left.

Until we the voting electorate purge all of the career politicians and we the consumer show these corporations our displeasure in dollars and cents, this behavior will not stop.

They must be forced to realize that we, the consumer and taxpayer need to be considered first in the fight for or against over regulation instead of the current “If you can’t beat ’em pay ’em off” strategy. If we do not emphatically convey this point to the politicians and the corporations this country will continue to decline as basic economics force production to move to the next country. Jobs and our money will continue to leave the country with them!

The current president of our country has broken all previous records for pilfering the taxpayer’s coffers and paying off his friends, union bosses, special interest groups and financially supportive corporations. He even took over a car company from the stockholders and bondholders and gave it to the unions.

The current and past administrations, (D) and (R) in one form or another, want to transform my country into something I don’t recognize.

These groups want to regulate, kill, diminish, cheapen or change…

  • Our Constitution
  • My Faith and Religion
  • Absolutely abuse, underpay and deny appropriate respect and esteem for our military, current and veteran, by using them as political pawns and cutting pay and benefits
  • My Sexuality
  • My Sensibilities
  • My Ability to raise my kids the way I see fit
  • Totally control how my kids and grand kids get educated and by whom; qualified or not
  • Force my acceptance of behavior by way of legislative and judicial fiat that I cannot endorse for reasons of my faith, not to mention simple common sense
  • My Ability to truthfully use the for fear of legal penalty and excoriation in the name of political correctness and sensitivity
  • Surrender this country to foreigners by turning a blind eye to Illegal immigration and over granting visas
  • Have other Patriots and I pay more and more for all of these uncommonly nonsensical actions
  • And so many more direct assaults against the citizenry of this country

I for one have had enough! Get you hands off my country!

I’m not certain what impact we will ultimately have in this effort to reclaim our country but is my start. I am calling on all Patriots around the country and especially Patriots to join me to get educated and get involved. I will provide access to information, literature, other influential websites, meaningful campaigns, information about leaders and potential leaders and anything else I can garner to help guide our way. Whatever I find will be free and available to all here at Southern

The decline we see in our country is to be blamed on both Republicans and Democrats. For too many years both sides have succumbed to all of the groups waving dollars around. I do presently ascribe more blame to the Democrats simply because the democrat party has been completely overtaken by the banding together of many of these small self-seeking ultra left wing liberal groups. A Democrat like JFK would not recognize today’s Democrat party. Without exception, the founders of this country were conservative both to the left and the right of center but none were progressive or liberal as defined today.

The Founders also had high intellect and knew the correct unambiguous meaning of words and phrases like free speech, establishment of religion, free exercise… They most deliberately understood the role of our creator in the foundation of this Christian principled nation. None of the founders would recognize the erroneous definitions applied to these words and phrases today by the judiciary.

If we allow this country to slide to the left any more than it is today, this country will be gone for good in very short order. World history has proven this fact time after time and I for one do not need to ignore history for the sake of accommodating internal enemies of the country.

Whether you see and accept it or not, the people behind these politicians and groups manipulating the transformation of this country are your enemies. Make no mistake; the consequence of the current trajectory of the country will not end well, but it will end ugly!

It is time to take action and rewrite that phrase for good…

“Now is the time for this good man to come to the aid of My Country”


We have a huge election coming in this country in 2012. If we don’t get this one right we could see our country implode or vaporize in front of our naïve eyes. I pray that God will open enough eyes and ears in time to save our country. (Jer 5:21)

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